The Gallagher Amendment is the ONLY protection taxpayers have against skyrocketing property taxes — THE ONLY PROTECTION!

Question: Don’t voters have to approve any property tax hikes according to the Taxpayers Bill of Rights otherwise known as TABOR?

Answer: Repealing the Gallagher Amendment is a sneaky way engineered by clever politicians to render TABOR useless when it comes to increasing property taxes.

They tried to get rid of TABOR in the last election but voters would have none of it.

Repealing Gallagher is a backdoor to undo the power of TABOR without voters realizing it.

The only way politicians and corporate special interests can get you to approve a property tax increase is to fool you into thinking Amendment B is not a tax increase. It absolutely is!

Here’s how: If the value of your property goes up at all, and the Gallagher Amendment is repealed, without the state legislature adjusting the assessment rate lower as mandated by Gallagher, you will pay more taxes.

Amendment B, if passed, will absolutely increase your property taxes!

Don’t cancel your own tax cut for 2021!

IMPORTANT: According to the Colorado Tax Administrator’s estimate, if Gallagher stays in place, the residential assessment rate must be lowered from the current rate of 7.15% to 5.88% for your 2021 tax bill.

This means your taxes will go down.

This is a tax cut for you!

Don’t be fooled!

If you vote for Amendment B, you are canceling your own property tax cut for 2021 and forever!

Isn’t canceling a tax cut another way of increasing taxes?

How can the proponents of repealing Gallagher claim it won’t increase taxes? 

They can’t but they do anyway.


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